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Art Macao

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Last Wednesday evening I spent it celebrating Art Macao with local influencers and bloggers hosted by Macao USA and MMGY Global at the Zhou B Foundation and Life's Garden. The Art Macao is a five month international arts and cultural event where artists' visual art work are presented across various exhibition venues and luxury hotels in Macao.

We had the honor to be immersed into the entire Macao culture by celebrating this new spectacular initiative in our beloved city Chicago by painting a temple and creating our own personal experience. It was a great way to learn the history of Macao, connect with the hosts of Macao, taste Macao cuisine, music of Macao and got out of our comfort zones to be creative artistic painters lead by Artist Mina Hsing.

I've personally never heard of Macao or what country it resides in but it's located right near Hong Kong and has a rich heritage of both Portuguese and Chinese cultures. Macao was conquered by the Portuguese in the 1500's and reclaimed by China in 1999. Macao is one of the world's richest and fastest growing travel destinations in the world. It's the new Las Vegas of Asia with 19 Michelin star restaurants and street food with over 200,000 Americans traveling to Macao every year. The two other main languages spoken in Macao is Portuguese and English, so a fantastic travel destination for Americans with only a passport required. Add Macao to your travel bucket-list and get ready to pack your luggage for the perfect new hot spot holiday!

Thank you again Macao USA and MMGY Global for hosting us last night, the lovely professional painting set and gifts from Macao, I had a phenomenal time! 🎏🎎🏮🎐🧧 #wowmacao #artmacao #macaousa#mmgytravels #macao#zhoubfoundation #macau#macanese #collab #AD

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