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Beachwaver x Nordstrom

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

I was beyond thrilled to meet the founder Sarah Potempa of the woman started and owned business for the Beachwaver after being invited as a VIP guest to the Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Show. I love when my dreams manifest into reality and I don't know when or how it will happen. I had the Beachwaver on my vision board this year to work with this brand and meet the founder who started it all and to my surprise not only did I get to become apart of the family but also talk to the Founder/CEO of the infamous brand that revolutionized the hair industry with their rotating curling wand used on my favorite angels at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows. They've won 45 beauty industry awards and styled the hair of many celebrities. I also love their new hair care line that is cruelty free and vegan, clean products that make your hair silkly-soft-smooth to the touch. They are dedicated to innovation, accessibility, sustainability, and empowerment while encouraging women to dream big and make huge waves. I loved hearing her story of how she and her sisters began the brand, so humbling and proud that it was locally started in Chicagoland. They are so down to earth and were on the floor styling hair and talking to customers, passionate about their products and making a huge impact by inspiring women like myself. Thank you very much Sarah Potempa and the Beachwaver for having my friend and me at the show and creating fabulous waves!!! 💕🏝🌊 Apply discount code KALPANAWAVE to receive 10% off at checkout, click the link below!

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