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CLUSE Giveaway…Enter to Win!!!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021


Excited to be a new Ambassador for the CLUSE campaign. If you’re a watch lover and like the minimalist chic classic look, then check out my latest Instagram post at @Kocobeauty05 for your last chance to enter the CLUSE Giveaway!

I have both black and grey straps. CLUSE watches are easy to change out straps and have an assortment of colors to choose from and love their clean style.

Brunching with my CLUSE at the cutest french cafe near my house at Paris Bistro.

#GIVEAWAY I’m wore my CLUSE in Dayton, Ohio this past weekend. Do you want a chance to WIN one of 5 CLUSE watches worth €99? It’s simple.

To participate you have to:

1. Like this photo, follow @cluse and @kocobeauty05

2. In a comment on my Instagram post, tell us where you are going to wear your CLUSE or which city you live in. Good luck! #CLUSE#CLUSESpringFling 💛

Hope one of you WINS the CLUSE giveaway…ciao!

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