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Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Are you looking for a Blog Makeover? I had started my blog over 6 years ago on @wordpress for free to get started. Once I made the decision last year to pursue my true passion and share them on my blog, I wanted it to look professional like the top Influencers I follow because I love their designs. Last fall, I went from free to paying for a custom domain website so that the brand name belonged to me and I can continue to share valuable content with my audience. I was able to upgrade my design theme which was a vast improvement but I still felt that it was lacking the professional design layout that I wanted. I truly believe in the law of attraction and I put it out into the Universe to have the blog design I desired without breaking the bank, my prayers were answered by @blogerize. I partnered with with a collaboration to have their team re-design my entire blog site that I’ve dreamt. Firstly, they are an online course that helps new and established bloggers to improve their blogs and offer some great learning material for that specific purpose.

Emily from the team who I worked with closely was a gem! She and the design team took my old Wordpress design and transformed into a clean, chic, user friendly and professional look like the top Bloggers and Influencers. I had a lot of questions and even learned a lot more in the process doing some of the implementation of the new design with easy step-by-step instructions from Emily. I felt at ease knowing that every time I had a question of how to utilize all of the new unlimited features for my blog, Emily responded back within minutes to assist me. I truly appreciated her attentiveness, baring with me through the blog makeover, even helped me save money by moving all of my content over from Wordpress to @Siteground and was always so friendly throughout the entire journey.

If you’re looking to learn more about how to start a blog, how to create a blog or want to upgrade your current blog design then I highly recommend using Blogerize and their team of professionals to customize what best fits your brand aesthetic, check them out today! Thank you so much Emily and the Blogerize team, I love my new blog design! Let me know your feedback by commenting below.

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