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Dior Master Class with Celebrity Makeup Artist Ricky Wilson!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Reminiscing when I had the honor and privilege to be a model for Celebrity Makeup Artist Ricky Wilson at the Michigan Avenue Nordstrom in Chicago for his Dior Master class in August of 2016. This was a hands on tutorial on beauty and how to apply makeup the right way since there are still so many women who don’t know the proper techniques for even the simplest makeup applications. It was truly fun and exciting to have all these extra hands on me to be pampered and prepped prior to Ricky using me as the example for flawless skin. He is so down to earth and REAL, which is just my cup of tea. He is world renowned for creating extraordinary looks on the runway, editorials, socialites and celebrities like Camilla Belle, Emmy Rossum, Kate Walsh, Leighton Meester, Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Nina Dobrev, Sharon Stone and the QUEEN B herself (Beyoncé) just to name a few.

I’ve learned a lot from his master class with new tips and tricks. I even got a personal one-on-one with Ricky to pick his brain on what truly works and doesn’t work for on the camera and off. I love that we both share the same perspective of beauty which all starts from within, love yourself first and foremost. The foundation of your makeup all starts with healthy, glowing and luminous skin. The better you take care of your skin with a good skincare regimen, the less makeup you’ll need to cover up. The social media heavy cakey face look is actually a photographers worst nightmare and truly unattractive. AMEN! I’ve been preaching this forever and if you can be BRAVE to go bare skin during the day, I give you major props. Ricky suggested doing the phone test, if you put the phone next to your ear and face, once you move it away and it has makeup all over it, you applied too much…less is more!

Ricky is known for creating flawless skin looks, even sending celebrities onto the red carpet with NO foundation…..yes you heard me right. His secret weapon is applying Dream Skin by Dior to all his clients which basically is a filter for your face in real life. It smooth’s and erases lines and gives luminosity without needing to use Instagram filters. This product truly works wonders and he used it on me, my face was sparkling like never before and I was just glowing non-stop with endless compliments all night. Ricky highly recommends forgetting face primers because it takes away your natural glow and dulls the complexion and makes you look flat. I definitely second that because I felt I was missing something when I used to apply primers. It’s also truly important to wash your face morning and night to detox and remove impurities that clog your pores and eliminate accelerated aging from keeping makeup on overnight. Your skin needs to breathe and heal itself so that your true beauty shines through starting from within.

Use makeup to enhance your unique striking features to bring out the natural radiance and best version of you. Like I always say, beauty is imperfection. Love your flaws, embrace them and the BEST makeup a lady can wear is CONFIDENCE…perfect the canvas before creating your masterpiece!!!


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