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Girls Weekend in New Orleans

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Have you’ve seen the movie “Girls Trip”? I loved that movie and I created my own girls trip to New Orleans end of July with a few of my favorite ladies. Sometimes we just need to spend quality time with our close girlfriends, let go and just have fun!

It was SUPER HOT down in the dirty south and we still were able to withstand the heat, nothing was going to stop us from enjoying ourselves….not even the blazing sun. Our first night we ordered in pizza and just pigged out, was so worth the calories and love connecting new people together since my two friends have never met before. Don’t you love when you invite the right people and they mesh so well, it’s the best!

We had a delicious bottomless mimosa brunch at The Saint Hotel, the ambiance was so glamorous and they had the most ginormous chandelier I’ve ever seen. We couldn’t resist taking a picture on this beautiful love seat, everything is truly bigger down under. 😉

Later after brunch, we burned off all our food walking around the French quarter. We literally were sweating head to toe, we didn’t even wear makeup or it would’ve just melted off. We listened to a good live jazz band at a local bar on Bourbon street to escape the heat as long as we possibly could, haha.

I love historical tours and especially was excited to see the famous graveyards of New Orleans. If you’ve ever watched the Vampire Diaries or the Originals, you’ll understand my obsession. Two of my favorite shows and a lot it of was filmed in Nola. It was so thrilling to see it in person on the graveyard tour. I learned so much about Voodoo which by the way is a religion, not evil as Hollywood portrays it; very interesting and highly recommend going on this tour next time you’re in Nola. Since the city is above water, that is why the graveyards are built above ground but the city is also sinking slowly. They don’t rebuild new tombstones over the previous ones. They have so many bodies throughout the centuries, it was creepy and intriguing be there at the same time. Did you also know that Nicholas Cage is very superstitious and built his own tombstone for when he departs this world? Yes, this is true and I saw it myself, it’s the only tombstone that is shaped like a pyramid, go see for yourself!

After the tour, we were going to head back to our hotel to shower and go out for an early dinner before hitting up the party scene on Bourbon street but that never happened because we stopped in at Tropical Isle where we all drank the infamous “hand-grenades” and then everything went down hill from there lol. These drinks are the most dangerous drinks you’ll ever have, they taste so sweet mixed with a concoction of numerous alcohols and they hit you when you least expect it. So instead, we ended up day drinking, bar hopping and met fun people to join along with us. We danced so much and by the end of the night, we devoured delicious Cajun style burgers and passed out with massive hangovers. Now I call that a good time with my ladies!

Our last day in Nola, we had the best brunch at the Palace Cafe where they played live jazz music and had the best bloody mary’s, great hangover cure! We did some shopping and ended up right back at Tropical Isle, not very good decision because we ended up repeating the day before haha. But again, we met amazing new people and even some Brits, so good to hear an English accent.

My favorite part of the trip was going to the second oldest pub in the USA at the end of Bourbon street to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. It’s very tiny but so cool inside and everything was left as is from the original construction, the old craftsmanship was beautiful. You must try the purple smoothie there, great adult beverage on a steaming hot summer day. It was a fabulous way to end our trip but don’t miss the heat!

New Orleans is full of history and loved the old architecture from the French and Spanish. It’s beauty is exquisite but also dangerous if you know what I mean, 😉


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