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Grimaldi Pizza

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

I took my family out for dinner last night in Brookfield, WI to Grimaldi Pizza. We were anxiously awaiting their opening since they were rated the BEST pizza place by Food network and the Travel channel. We knew why after trying their delicious, light and über fresh thin crust pizza baked over an coal fire brick-oven and yummy calzones. The ambiance felt so warm and as if I was in NYC. I didn’t feel extremely full like I’d normally do with regular pizza made in the USA. This pizza is made the same way they’ve been doing it for centuries in Italy and my family loves Italian food.

The ambiance was very warm, electic and the pizza was heaven. Find a place near you or on your next trip to dine here either for date night, girls night or just to eat some deliciouso pizza. 😋


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