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Honey Butter Brie Appetizer

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Happy Sunday morning! I wanted to share a quick and simple recipe I made last night from inspiration when I was shopping for groceries at Wholefoods yesterday. I made Honey Butter Brie Cheese with Artisan Crackers for a night in.

Step 1. Unwrap St. Nuage brie cheese and place in a small platter (Use your favorite brie cheese but I personally loved how soft and creamy smooth the St. Nuage was easy to spread)

Step 2. Spread Velvet Bees Gourmet Honey Butter all over the top and sides of the brie cheese (Use your favorite honey butter)

Step 3. Place the La Panzanella artisan crackers all around the brie cheese within the platter to decorate (Use your favorite artisan crackers)

Step 4. Pair with your favorite Sparkling, White or Dessert wine along with any dried fruits or nuts and enjoy!

This is an inexpensive luxury treat for a night in, easy party appetizer or even a romantic date at home for two without having to go out to a fancy restaurant. Hope you liked this simple recipe and let me know what you thought of this idea. Have an amazing rest of your Sunday…Bon Appetit!

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