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How to be Confident in Dating!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

It’s not youth. It’s not beauty. It’s not money or brains or education. The single greatest asset you have when it comes to dating is CONFIDENCE! Without it, you accept unacceptable behavior, waste time in dead-end relationships and feel pessimistic about your chances at love. With it, men will be attracted to you, respect you, and want to make you happy. Confidence is a CHOICE. That choice is yours. If you want a real relationship, make sure you show the AUTHENTIC you!

NEWSFLASH: Not the way he looks, not his car, not his bank account. What should make an impression is the way he TREATS you! If the kind of car he drives or his bank account balance is of greater importance to you than his CHARACTER, you’re setting yourself up for failure! Stop seeing men as a sum of their flaws instead of their positive traits. Men don’t stay with women who treat them as incomplete projects, they bond with women who make them FEEL good! ACCEPTANCE is the most powerful tool in making a man feel loyal to you.

LOVE a man for who he is, instead of focusing on who he is not. The RIGHT man will love all the things about you that the wrong man was INTIMIDATED by. If you want to WIN with men, then first LEARN to understand them! 👸🏻🍕

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