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Ladies Night Out in Chicago and Kygo Concert

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

I went out Saturday in the city with my nearest and dearest girlfriends for a ladies night out. It was long over due and so wonderful to enjoy the warm summer weather while catching up with my favorite people. When was the last time you had a ladies night out? First, we started off having dinner and cocktails at a new American restaurant Proxi. I love trying new places and rarely do fine dining but only with the best. Their chicken in the picture I ordered was okay, nothing phenomenal but I haven’t tried everything off their menu. I did love their cocktails, the pretty strawberry cocktail was absolutely delicious and refreshing. Perfect for summer weather! Styling and profiling in the city with my Tory Burch Fleming Covertible bodybag and new Cole Haan polarized aviators I scored for under $20 at Nordstrom Rack last week! My ensemble for the night included: Cole Haan polarized aviators, Zara camisole, Abercrombie and Fitch skinny jeans and jean jacket, Coach ombre wedges, Francesca’s Collections jewelry and CLUSE watch. Afterwards, my ladies and I headed to United Center for the Kygo concert. I had bought tickets over a month ago when I heard he was touring. So, I planned this outing with my friends and bought the tickets on a whim. It felt so incredible to buy all of our tickets without having to worry about not having enough money in my bank account to plan for this event or not having the money to go or having to pay someone else back. That feeling is priceless! If you’ve never heard his music before, it’s chill house music and he’s done many collabs like with Selena Gomez, etc. The concert was magnificent and Kygo played the grand piano with violinist, the lighting show was on point and overall a phenomenal experience! Finally, we ended the night at Bar Siena for some post concert drinks and pizza. My girlfriends and I got to catch up on all the important details of our lives, talk about how amazing the concert was, enjoy the food and vibing music. I love nights like this and summer is just getting started. 😉

Enjoy your evening!

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