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Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Happy Saturday! Late post to my Memorial Day weekend pictures. I planned to stay home on Sunday and chill since it was uber hot out but then my cousin hit me up and asked me to come join her in the city…how could I refuse, lol. I love spontaneous nights out, always turn out better than planned events. We first started off at Cindy’s Rooftop which has amazing cocktails, not so much the food and a spectacular view of Millennium and Grant Park. The drink with the pretty lotus flower was absolutely divine, a sweet floral taste that is a must have! Afterwards, we headed to London House Rooftop Bar where I took this picture while waiting for our table. Kept my makeup fresh with a peachy/golden glowing dewy skin and chic dressy casual style for the night.

Ensemble of the night: Chanel Aviators, Francesca’s Collections Jewelry, CLUSE Watch, Ring gifted by my parents, Tory Burch Fleming Leather Shoulder Bag, Abercrombie & Fitch Cold-Shoulder Top and Ripped Skinny jeans and Calvin Klein Suede Stacked Heels. Rocking my CLUSE watch with this gorgeous view of the Chicago Riverwalk. Amazing views whilst sipping my Riesling, eating truffle fries and chicken wings…yum! It was a bit scary getting up on this ledge to take this picture with my cousin but definitely worth the shot. The background of my beautiful city was captured perfectly. We ended up bar hopping the rest of the night and came home at the brink of dawn, when the birds were chirping and we could see the sunrise. It’s been awhile being out that late since we were all fantasizing about our beds haha but sucked it up and enjoyed a fabulous night in ChiTown.

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend, till next time…Ciao!

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