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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Let's talk about Menstruation, I'm just going to be blunt about it, that's my style! When I first got my period at the age of 10, my parents literally freaked out because I was too young and they didn't know how to talk to me about what this all means to be a female. Growing up in the South Asian community, it was taboo to talk about our monthly visitor. I remember my mom telling me that I could not discuss this openly in front of anyone, I couldn't go near boys anymore, not even my own cousins, I wasn't allowed to go near god at times of worship when it was that time of the month and I remember feeling so confused and asking why not?

But I never received the proper explanation because my mother never had this conversation with my grandmother either. And I was born in the U.S., something my mom was still embarrassed to discuss. Not only was I already confused with my hormonal body changes but also the fact that this brought new rules and restrictions, how would a young girl ever understand?! Back in India, it was extremely shameful to discuss it, my mom said she had to stay in a room by herself when she was menstruating because she was considered “dirty” during this period. I thought to myself, how horrible and why should a female be punished for something that is natural, healthy, and god-given?!

I accepted the challenge on Instagram by @unicefindia, @post.for.change, and @diipakhosla to bring awareness to all women from all over the world and even to men, that we need to be able to talk about this openly in a healthy way with our children at a young age. They need to know that it's not taboo or shameful to receive this gift, literally blood-producing another blood, giving birth to new life. Imagine if women didn't have their menstrual, there would be NO you and I, think about that! We need to start speaking up and educating people to eliminate these misconceptions conditioned in their minds. Together we unite to take a stand to educate girls to be shame-free of this natural cycle. #RedDotChallenge will continue for 10 days until May 28 International Menstrual Hygiene Day. #SocialMediaForSocialChange #MenstruationMatters

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