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Updated: Jun 17, 2021

✨✨✨ Ready. Set. Sparkle. ✨✨✨ Excited to wear my first Rocksbox set! It’s so simple…you choose your customized style, then your personal stylist will pick from your wishlist to ship and wear your favorite designer pieces. If you love it, buy it with your member credit and return the rest back to receive more jewelry from your wishlist for free. Now I found a way to get quality unique jewelry to try first to feel out if it matches my persona before I decide to purchase which btw is also inexpensive. Here is what I got in my first Rocksbox.

Perry Street Lina Drops

Sophie Harper Pave Moon and Star Charm Necklace in Rose Gold and Crystal

Aster Lupine Pavé Slider Bracelet in Gold and Berry

Have a delightful night!

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