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Shoes Sale Alert at Nordstrom Rack 🚨 👡

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

I scored these fabulous shoes all on clearance recently this summer from Nordstrom Rack and John Lewis. Personally for me, I look for comfort and style. It’s always the best when I’m not looking and find exactly what I envisioned. I rarely pay full price and I always find designer wear on sale! All of these shoes are perfect for Spring and Summer plus effortless transition into Autumn.


1. Tory Burch Navy Blue Espadrilles Wedges

2. 14th & Union Black Pointed Toe Flats

3. Sam Edelman Snake Print Sandals

4. Michael Kora Leopard Mules

5. Sam Edelman Black Suede Open Toe Heels

6. John Lewis Royal Blue Suede Mules

7. 14th & Union Burnt Orange Pointes Toe Mules

Happy shopping! 😄

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