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Snatchletics Youth Exilir Glass Water Bottle

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Are you hydrating with H2O? 💧 I've got better about my daily intake of water especially since I'm consistently working out 5-6 times a week. It's important for me to hydrate consistently throughout the day to reset and feel energized, and having the right water bottle helps me accomplish my goal.

I partnered with a black female-owned small business Snatchletics from Atlanta, GA... a lifestyle brand committed to empowering all women to lead a healthy, active lifestyle, and to love the bodies that they are in!

I've been using the Youth Elixir Bottle to keep me hydrated throughout the day ensuring I reach my daily goal to drink more water with the time reminder markers.

Benefits of the Snatchletics Youth Elixir water bottle...

💧 Time prompts to help you keep track of your daily water intake 💧 Made out of glass 💧 Holds 32 ounces 💧 BPA Free 💧 Lightweight 💧 Reusable 💧 Dishwasher friendly

Get your daily hydration with Snatchletics Youth Elixir water bottle and check them out! 💧 #Gifted



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