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Staycation in Chicago with my Bella's!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Do you live in a big city? I live in Chicago and work in downtown. There is always so much do and explore but I don’t always get the time to experience what my beloved city has to offer. So I had a staycation over the Labor Day weekend with my girlfriends who I traveled to Nola with over the summer. It was one of our friend’s first time visiting Chicago and my other friend’s boyfriend visiting from Germany again so we wanted to show them around town. I couldn’t believe all the new places that have popped in our city and this was great research for me since I’m an event planner for my day job. We literally hopped around all weekend from place to place. I became a tourist for the weekend with new pair of eyes curious and excited to explore uncharted places within my own city.

We stayed at the Hotel Felix which was super chic and quaint, right next door to the Godfrey Hotel, perfect spot nearby Rivernorth area where all the bars, lounges, cafes and restaurants are located. The first day we went to Whiskey Business, Paradise Park Chicago, I/O Rooftop and Celeste while ending the night eating delicious fresh tacos from Fat Tacos. We were rooftop hopping and each one was unique and they all had their own vibe. I felt like I was in another city at each venue, as if I wasn’t even in ChiTown. The ambiance, drinks and energy were just my style.

The next morning, we traveled to the Hampton Social for brunch. OMG…I felt like I was literally in the Hamptons, the ambiance was spectacular! The frozen rose was heaven and the food was uber delish! This was the BEST brunch I’ve ever ate and have to go back to eat there again. I ordered chicken and donuts that comes with this yummy lemon butter dipping sauce and the rose syrup for the donuts… mouth is salivating again just looking at this picture and remembering how yummy it tasted!

This Rose is divine and I can drink this everyday haha.

How chic is this spot for photos and there is a line of people waiting to get there shot, so be prepared but totally worth the wait! I had the Island vibes going on that morning literally wearing my pajama pants to brunch, no shame in my style.

We then went to Bottled Blonde which has really great music to dance to and gorgeous people to view. I ended the night dancing my bum off again on Hubbard Street club hopping with my bestie and cousins. The last day we had brunch at the London House Rooftop bar, then afterwards pizza and gelato with mini donuts at Bar Siena/Bombobar….must have this next time your in town! So delicious and worth the calories!

We ended our staycation in style of course, had a three course delectable fancy feast at the Chicago Cut Steakhouse that resulted in me unbuttoning my pants because I was so full and couldn’t breath from all the food I consumed from the entire weekend haha. It was an extraordinary holiday within my own city with amazing company exploring all new places I got to experience for the first time; I’d do it all over again!

Look at your city with new lenses and perspective, what will you see or discover?


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