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The Best Wings in Chicago!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

I'm so excited that indoor dining has re-opened in the Chicagoland area and right now with everyone dining indoors again and ordering takeout more and more, I had to share the Best Spot for wings in Old Town at Woodies Flat!

It's March Madness and Sundays are for game day. A couple of weeks ago I was hosted by Woodies Flat to come dine-in to try their wings and OMG was I was blown away at the flavors and hands-down the BEST DAMN WINGS I've ever tasted in my life!!!

The process to their delicious wings is... they first air-dry their wings for hours before they slowly smoke it to soak up the marinade, and then double fry them before topping it off with one of their flavorful wings sauces. The sauces you can choose from are classic buffalo, barbecue, Nashville hot, cheesy garlic, super buff (extremely spicy, if you dare!), chimichurri, Korean style, and sweet bourbon glaze.

With every bite, you get a crunch and it's so juicy and tender, I devoured the entire plate, and my personal favorite sauce was the Chimichurri, it's a herbaceous and garlicky flavor, was perfectly balanced with the spices and so incredibly YUMMY!!! I normally don't eat the wings, I go for the legs but the way Woodies Flat makes their wings, I finished the entire plate plus took an order to go! You get the sauces on the side if you do takeout and I personally loved combining the Super Buff and Chimichurri together, I highly recommend it! Along with the wings, we ordered the Pineapple Mojito and Watermelon is Good cocktails, so refreshing and not too sweet, perfect Spring drinks.

Woodies Flat is in the heart of Old Town, a great sports bar & restaurant to watch games, hang out with friends, or for a chill date night. They have two levels plus an outdoor front patio, the ambiance is sporty-chic and the service was phenomenal, we absolutely had an amazing time!

Thank you very much for hosting us Woodies Flat, can't wait to come back for patio season! Check them out for your next takeout, dine indoors, or patio (call or book online to make reservations).



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