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Valentines Day at Tao Chicago

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Valentines/Galentines Day is less than two weeks away and if your lost on ideas of where to celebrate, fret not because I’ve got the BEST spot in Chicago. I went to Tao Chicago for my birthday celebration last December with my close girlfriends. I’ve wanted to go to the one in Las Vegas when I was there over 8 years but didn’t get the chance due to the high demand to enter the restaurant/club so I beyond thrilled when they opened a location in the River North area of downtown Chicago. Let me just tell you first off, make reservations because it’s usually hard to get a table without but a key tip, if you don’t make a reservation, walk-in between 5-9pm to get a table, it will definitely be worth the wait!

The ambiance is so royal, posh and ancient…it literally takes you out of Chicago and into East Asia, phenomenal decor and vibes. My ladies and were famished so we ordered the Hot Edamame, Shishito Peppers, Chicken Gyoza, Chicken Wing Lollipops, Shanghai Vegetable Dumplings to share. This was more than enough for five females and the flavors were explosive, so fresh and delicious!

We all ordered various sushi and specialty rolls. I got the Spicy Tuna Rice Crispy specialty rolls, this was cooked to perfection with natural, fresh ingredients and so uber crunchy! The most YUMMY rolls I’ve EVER ate, the BEST!

Afterwards, we shared this massive desert plate with a huge fortune cookie and variety of sweets that we beyond divine! Let me just tell you, my fortune did come true too! 😉

It was an extraordinary experience to share with my close ladies for a night out and why this is a fabulous spot to escape with your favorite gal pals.

After dinner, we headed over to the Emperor’s Lounge for their unique cocktails. The two I ordered were the TAO-tini and Lychee Martini. both extremely light, floral and yum! If you like something stronger, try the Phuket or Nirvana cocktails. All of their drinks are strong, not weak,; so be prepared to enjoy real fresh unique drinks at Tao Chicago.

After cocktails at the Emperor’s Lounge, we headed over next door to the Tao Club which was also beyond brilliant with the lotus flower chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, plush sofas, Buddha statues and spectacular music.

The mates, ambiance, food, drinks, music and customer service was absolutely magnificent. So whether you’re looking for a night out with your ladies or special someone, Tao Chicago is the SPOT for Galentines/Valentines Day!

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