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WoodWind Chicago

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

I had a fabulous time at the newly opened WoodWind Chicago in the Streeterville area. We had an exclusive preview tasting of their new American contemporary cuisine and everything was beyond delish, props to the chef! The ambiance is uber cozy, simple yet elegant and food regionally sourced with bold, creative flavors that are small plates to share so you can try a bit of everything. Plus, it was so lovely to meet more new wonderful people while enjoying a fantastic meal together! 😋

Here are my favorite recommendations from the menu: 🍽 Cocktails: Cranberry Sizzle, Dies Trae & Big Boss (refreshingly tasty) 🍽 Snacks: House Ricotta (smother this all over the lamb ribs, YUM) and Chicken Chicarron (tasted like Buffalo wings) 🍽 Mostly Vegetables: Butternut Squash Pappardelle (perfect Fall comfort food) 🍽 From the Sea: Olive Oil Poached Faroe Island Salmon (I normally don't eat a lot of salmon but this was surprisingly delicious) 🍽 Fields and Ranches: Smoked Lamb Ribs (melts in your mouth goodness) 🍽 A Little Larger: WoodWind Burger (love me a yummy burger) 🍽 Grab your mates and head over to this amazing new bar and restaurant, let me know what you love on the menu. Thank you very much Wag Staff Marketing and The Chicago Bloggers for inviting and hosting this marvelous happy hour and dinner!🍹🍶🍲🍔

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