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Working from Home and Fun Things to Do during COVID-19

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

It is Day 4 of working from home and as a true extrovert who is always hustling and has multiple social events, despite the global crisis we are all experiencing together, this has helped me slow down and reflect. This was a great time for me to start a new routine to help me be productive and focused while making time for self-care, practice, and consistency is key to turn it into a daily habit. In the spirit of maintaining positivity during these challenging times, I'm sharing my daily routine and tips to do things from home.

My Daily Routine: 1. Make my bed 2. Meditate & say affirmations 3. Exercise 4. Shower 5. Make breakfast 6. Drink protein smoothie and chai 7. Work from 9-5 with a 30-minute lunch break 8. Make dinner 9. Work on personal brand for 1-2 hours 10. Read 11. Meditate 12. Go to sleep Tips for being productive and fun activities while staying home: 1. Set up a home office workspace to get creative, journal, read, etc. 2. Declutter and organize your closet, vanity table, cupboards for a clean canvas and clear mind 3. Enjoy the little things like a cup of tea or coffee 4. Light scented candles while listening to your favorite music 5. Watch movies, TV shows or documentaries 6. Learn something new by taking free online classes or new language with @duolingo 7. Cook, bake or breakfast in bed 8. Play or cuddle with your pets 9. Call, Facetime, Skype or Zoom with family and friends 10. Play board games, cards or puzzles 11. Create a romantic date night at home 12. Have a bubble bath 13. Have a spa night, facials or nails 14. Do arts and crafts 15. Have a wine and paint night 16. Do at-home workouts 17. Create a vision board with short to long-term goals to achieve (fun family activity as well) 18. Have a virtual meetup for a girls night, happy hour or brunch with family or friends 19. Take a walk or hike 20. Start reading or begin a virtual book club 21. Look into alternative ways to make money working from home or anywhere in the world Enjoy time your time at home! 🍓🥐🍾

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