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Anna + Nina Boutique

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

While shopping in Amsterdam for gifts, I was recommended this quaint little boutique @annaninanl. I was browsing around when I came across these gorgeous real gold Swarovski crystal earrings. I love that each stone is a different color and can be worn two ways, with the crystals showing or just the gold circles.

I loved every unique collection they carried from the jewelry, decor, candles, clothes etc. I have been wearing these earrings everyday since I bought them in Amsterdam on holiday and they match perfectly with any ensemble. I bought my sister a gold necklace with a tiny heart pendant and wish I bought myself one too!

They have affordable prices and real gold jewelry. I highly recommend checking out their boutique next time you’re visiting, I most definitely will be going back! 🌺🇳🇱💎

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