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Perfect Pumps by Sarah Flint

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

I'm ready to Spring forward with the Sarah Flint Perfect Pump in Black Suede 85mm. For years I've been looking for comfy + chic stilettos that fit like a glove with no luck from designer brands until now.

I don't know how I walked in heels in my 20's but as I've matured, it's been a priority to have comfort first and style second while still able to walk effortlessly without twisting my ankle from losing balance or have back pain/my feet giving out!

I'm so grateful to Sarah Flint for creating shoes that are just as comfortable as they are stunning. All shoes are handcrafted and made in Italy by the most experienced and knowledgeable artisans in the industry that also house other iconic luxury brands. All Sarah Flint shoes are made perfectly to last...

1. Anatomical Arch Support 2. Foam Cushioning 3. Wider Toe Box 4. Rubber Outsole 5. Steel Rod Stiletto 6. V-shape Vamp

Sarah Flint's shoes have been seen worn by Duchess Meghan Markle, Lady Gaga, Cindy Crawford, Kristen Stewart, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hallie Berry, Karlie Llosa, Emma Roberts, and so many more celebs!

Grab yourself a pair of Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps this upcoming season or other designs from her brilliant collection and use my $50 off discount code on your 1st order: SARAHFLINT-BAKOCO. Click the link in my bio to shop! #gifted #walklikeawoman #sarahflintbrandambassador

Cheers, Koco

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