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Fresh Face Masks

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Does your skin need of an R&R? Not to fret. Living in the Chiberia weather for the last couple of months has really taken a toll on my skin. I needed to add something to my skincare routine to help calm redness, keep me hydrated and improve my skin texture. I found two extraordinary masks that go above and beyond.

1. The Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask ($62) is like treating your skin to a five-minute facial to rid your complexion of dullness and flakiness while restoring youthful radiance. When I removed it, I felt clean and exfoliated but also balanced and hydrated. WOW…within five minutes, this mask gave me silky soft skin! It will even out your skin tone, get rid of roughness and dryness. It’s luxuriously cooling and soothing to apply. It’s gently exfoliating when you remove it. It leaves my skin noticeably more radiant, healthy-looking and glowing. It smells amazing and makes you feel like you are at a high-end spa just like all other Fresh masks. If you’re looking a true spa facial experience and with limited time, I’ve found the holy grail. 2. The Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask ($82) is perfect for when traveling and when skin is exposed to the sun a lot. A little goes a LONG way, and I noticed a difference the next day with reduction in redness. My scars have never been lessened with continuous product use like with this night mask. It significantly brightens the complexion and corrects uneven skin tone. It will replenish and preserve hydration for 24 hours while promoting suppleness, and smooth skin texture so you awake to youthful-looking luminous complexion.

My new favorite must haves masks added to my Fresh collection! Get a sample of both masks at your nearest Nordstrom or Sephora to try and let me know your thoughts. Have a fabulous Friday!


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