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JOY Shave

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Are you guilty of shaving your legs in between waxes? I know I am and not even going to hide it. 😆 Sometimes a lady has to do what a lady has to do….you have emergencies that come up like a date night, an event to attend or a spontaneous weekend getaway some place warm. I’ve been in these situations I’m sure you all can relate to as well and when it’s time to get clean, I want the perfect razor to do the job! I’m so happy that I discovered joy shave that removes short stubborn stubble hairs incredibly well with the five-bladed cartridge for a smooth, comfortable and uncomplicated shave. The non-slip grip is designed for complete control even while wet in the shower with a delightful design that keeps shaving refreshingly simple.🦵🏽Bring JOY to your legs ladies! Click on the link joy shave and choose from either pink or teal. Exclusively available at Walmart and for just $8.97!

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