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Support Minority, Black, and Women-Owned Businesses

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

I feel a heavy heart for all businesses that have suffered both during the global crisis and the riots and looting in 2020. It's especially heartbreaking for small family-owned businesses that have been struggling to hold on or didn’t receive stimulus packages because they went to larger corporations.

We need to help support the minority business still struggling during these difficult times in the midst of an ongoing global pandemic!

If you see a family or friend posting about their small business, give them a quick like, comment, or share and help spread the word. You can go even further by purchasing, donating, and fundraising for local businesses that you love that are in need.

I've been doing my best to buy and support minority, black, and women-owned businesses and have shared a list below so you can also contribute as an ally.

Minority and Women-Owned Businesses:

Black-Owned Businesses:

POC History Museums in Chicago:

Let's continue to do our part to amplify BIPOC voices and show support for the minority-owned business communities. Collectively, everyone’s effort will make a huge difference and a positive impact.

Hats off to all small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups. We must DO better and BE the change we want to see in the world!

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