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50 Things to Do Solo on Valentine’s Day

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

50 Things to Do Solo on Valentine's and Galentine's Day

We have entered the month of love, and in just two weeks we’ll be knee-deep in little red paper hearts and bargain chocolates, so you know what this means! Give me your BEST Valentine’s Day date ideas so we can break out of the dinner date rut! Galentine’s or romantic, I don’t care, just make it creative, make it bold, make it fun, and hey- affordable is a good bonus too!

Whether you're single or spending Valentine's Day alone this year, I will not allow you to mope around. I believe this day should be celebrated every day whether you are with someone or not but take this commercial holiday to show yourself some extra self-love and celebrate YOU!

You don't need a date to have a good time — just me, myself, and I. I feel that we forget to be grateful for eliminating the wrong partner in our life and embracing singlehood until we find the right partner. Right now is when you focus on your truest pleasures and become the best version of yourself in the process. Remember that you always deserve the best, so don’t settle! This is the time to treat yourself and splurge doing whatever you want to do without a care in the world…so go on Queen, seize the day!

Here are 50 fabulous things to do Solo on February 14th:

  • Just make plans.

  • Book a solo staycation at your favorite hotel in the city.

  • Celebrate Galentine's Day.

  • Go to a flower shop and pick out a bouquet for yourself.

  • Take a hot bubble bath.

  • Make a dinner reservation for one at your favorite restaurant.

  • Do a Secret Santa-like Valentine exchange with your other single friends.

  • Go lingerie shopping.

  • Take yourself on a movie date.

  • Have an at-home spa night.

  • Have a movie marathon at home.

  • Indulge in the most decadent desserts.

  • Get your nails done.

  • Have a bake fest at home.

  • Check out a concert.

  • Have a pizza and wine night.

  • Buy yourself something nice.

  • Babysit for a couple that never gets a night out.

  • Buy a bunch of your favorite fashion/travel/health/home décor/cooking magazines.

  • Do a Secret Santa-like Valentine exchange with your other single friends.

  • Pamper yourself at a spa.

  • Take the day to unplug.

  • Throw an anti-Valentine's day party.

  • Do something your ex hated.

  • Sign up for a boutique class.

  • Veg out and drink Champagne.

  • Grab a friend and fake your way through a couple's deals.

  • Buy your favorite things and relish the fact that you don't have to share them.

  • Change up your look.

  • Go to a museum.

  • Glam up for yourself.

  • Host a singles-only dinner party.

  • Make chocolate-dipped shortbread hearts.

  • Plan a Valentine's Day "crafternoon."

  • Volunteer

  • Cook a romantic dinner for your parents.

  • Bake a chocolate layer cake.

  • Wear something festive and feel the love.

  • Have a Sex and the City marathon.

  • Go to your favorite bar.

  • Plan a date with your best friend.

  • Do something nice for someone you care about.

  • Explore a new neighborhood.

  • Watch your favorite sporting event with a group of friends.

  • Catch up on your sleep.

  • Stay off social media.

  • Have nieces or nephews? Offer to take care of them.

  • Go to a comedy show.

  • Hang out with your grandparents.

  • Splurge on a nice piece of jewelry.

  • Love yourself. Do whatever makes you happy! Remind yourself that you are lovable and worthy of love. Never settle for less than you deserve Queens!

Share more good ideas in the comments and be sure to schedule these ahead now because we all know how crazy things get around February 14th.

Have a lovely Galentine's and Valentine's, stay while celebrating!

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