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World Cup 2018 Belgium vs France Match Experience Abroad

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Last summer I was in Brussels during the World Cup. The Belgians had won a match while I was watching the games in Amsterdam which was so exciting since I was going to be in Brussels for the semi-finals. You could literally feel the energy and excitement from the Belgians and my first time to be in Europe while the futbol (soccer) matches were going on, it was a phenomenal experience! My brother, cousin and I wanted to participate in the match festivities along with all the other Belgians and French while in Brussels since they played against each other during the semi-finals. So we all got some matching accessories to wear to represent the Belgians national flag colors because that was the country we were rooting for, obviously haha. We watched the match at a local Brussels sports bar while drinking local delish Belgian beer. 🍻 I honestly felt the sportsmanship in Europe was way better than the USA because everyone was friendly and didn’t trash their city even though the Belgians lost to the French and didn’t start any street fights with the opposing teams. The French paraded around cheering in happiness for their countries victory but it was civil and respectful. It was an extraordinary experience to be in London, Amsterdam and Brussels during the World Cup 2018 and watch all the countries play brilliantly in the matches. I truly admire the game and respect the sportsmanship in Europe, this is how it should be in all sports across the world. 🇧🇪 What is your favorite sport? ⚽️

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