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Don’t be a Queen waiting on a King!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Don’t be a Queen waiting on a King. Be a busy Queen with her kingdom until her King arrives. A good man/woman is hard to find because they’re someone God delivers to your life, not someone you go search for. 👸🏻

STOP looking for a partner. FOCUS on your goals and rebuilding your life. The right person will eventually find their way to you.

Many of us are guilty (including myself) of going on a quest to find a perfect partner and completely disregard our own development. Your mind is too pre-occupied with the desire to find that one person that will sweep you off your feet. Honey, the MAGIC lies within YOU! You can search around the world with no luck but when you focus on you, develop you and building your life, the right person will APPEAR. It all starts with you.

Be PROUD of who you are, LOVE yourself and FEEL comfortable with your strengths and flaws. Make it a point to IMPROVE yourself, SLAY your goals and SHINE. When you focus on you, the best in you comes out and you hardly need to search for anyone. You will ATTRACT the right person effortlessly.

Quit spending time searching for the special partner. No matter how hard you search for as long as you are NOT developing yourself, nothing materializes. Instead when you put a lot more EFFORT on you, you will be surprised by the results. For one, you will love yourself more, VALUE your worth and even end up meeting someone special. So never ever lose focus on improving your life because that is how you end up with the wrong partner! 🇳🇱 💐🚲

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