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Dream Big and be a Boss Lady!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Dear Ladies,

I'm going to say this bluntly because I LOVE you all and need you to understand. You got to grab your LADY BALLS and say "Fuck this shit, I'm out!" Please stop settling for subpar treatment, ELEVATE your standards higher than your heels! It's one of the many reasons why men don't feel obligated to respect you. You let them get away with some ludicrous shit because they say "sorry", "I miss you" or "I love you". I'm guilty of this myself because I used to date weak controlling douchebags until I said ENOUGH!!! Excuses and apologies don't change poor behavior, better decisions do. Do you hear me?

You should INVEST in yourselves and not in spending hours getting ready to dress scandalous, put on a cake face, and get plastic surgery to look like an inflatable fake Barbie doll, etc. all just to reel in a "rich guy" who will take care of you financially. His money will NOT love you back or give you the attention you so greatly crave. A woman dresses up ONLY for herself because it makes her feel good. Here's an idea, how about you spend more time reading books on how to become smart and wealthy YOURSELF instead of expecting it being handed to you. You're going backwards instead of forward by using your physical beauty to get what you want in life; this isn't why we were born. We're NOT the sum of our body parts, we have a greater purpose! We were put on this earth to CREATE change, inspire, lead by example, and be a difference maker!

Why do you expect a guy who is working hard to earn his way to the top to buy you expensive materialistic things when you can't afford them yourself since you're BROKE too?! Instead of being a selfish, lazy, gold digger because you FEEL entitled...GO EARN IT! Stop giving everything away for FREE with no ROI, you'll be kicked to the curb in .02 seconds for a younger Kardashian wannabe version, true story. Btw, do you girls see something I didn't in these guys because all of those rich boys no matter the age range look HELLA GROTESQUE and all the money in world wouldn't interest me in marrying them!

If you don't respect and love yourself first, then WHY would any man want to invest in you? Girls, you need to RISE up to become a Queen, then only will you inspire boys to STEP up to become Kings. When you focus on yourself and build your empire, your success will make you feel so happy and proud that no mans' money will ever be of interest. When you earn it yourself, you'll appreciate it more. I actually INVITE more people to throw bricks at me so I can build a massive empire instead of choosing to be buried underneath them...DREAM BIG!!!

BE a remarkable woman who leaves a LEGACY and her stamp in the world instead of an ordinary sheep who remains a pheasant entertaining the Queens. Society and men haven't stopped us from getting what we deserve, your own MINDSET did, this isn't a gender thing. If you believe you can't, you're right. If you believe you can, then you're unstoppable. The BEAUTY and POWER has always been YOURS!!!

Hope this wakes up some of you girls and you're FINALLY sick and exhausted of the same old insanity. Never trade your respect for attention!

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